Happy New Year! Time for a change?

How’s it going? How was your holiday season? I’m in touch with quite a few people who had their share of stress over the New Year’s holiday. I wish I could get them into my office for 2-3 sessions because I know I can give each of them a great tune-up! It’s now the New Year, and millions of people are eager to change a whole bunch of things in their lives.

As we long for change and new beginnings, we also resist change at some level. People who resist change manage to hang onto the old, reject the new, and repeat their previous experiences with each new season and setting.

Most of your behaviors are automatic, or subconscious. These include bodily functions such as heartbeat, breathing, and blinking—plus a range of unwanted behaviors. How do you know which behaviors are automatic? Simple: they are the ones you can’t explain. You simply don’t know why you can’t stop or replace them with behaviors you desire. Sometimes you make up reasons and excuses such as, “I was raised that way,” or “I’m just too old to change,” but deep down you know that the subconscious desire is too strong for you to change with just plain willpower.

Your subconscious is the part of your mind that has always paid attention and never sleeps. It has learned many lessons, and it likes to act on those lessons at all times. Unfortunately, the subconscious also learns lessons that might not be good for us.

Over the years many of us learn to over-eat, for example. We learn to rely on any number of quick fixes and mood-altering situations. If you can relate to this and are having a devil of a time reforming your behaviors, welcome to your Subconscious Mind! It’s where your hidden desires demand to be satisfied. It’s an amazing and wonderful place. I know, because I work there full-time.

There’s another way: Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a way into the subconscious in order to remove unwanted behaviors, alter your Life Script, and improve general wellness.

Hypnosis is science, although it seems like magic. In the hands of a skilled, educated professional working with a motivated client, the results are fascinating. When you succeed with hypnotherapy, you understand the infinite power of your own subconscious wisdom, and you recognize that you are powerful. At the moment that your conscious desires and subconscious capacity for learning align, you become unstoppable! Right now, whatever condition you are in, I assure you that your internal resources are abundant, and they are accessible to you.

Hypnosis is commonly known to work wonders for people who want to quit smoking or lose weight. It’s also great for reducing stress and anxiety. Did you know it can help you re-write your Life Script? Yes, you can change your subconscious expectations of how much you earn annually, general health and conditioning, even the kind of people you will attract into your life. You can use hypnosis to improve your golf game, heal faster from surgery, and deal with grief. The subconscious, while in hypnosis, is ready to learn new lessons and change the course of your life.

If this sounds hard to believe, it’s because you’re thinking about this with your conscious mind. Your conscious mind is the part that reasons, analyzes, and uses willpower. Your subconscious, on the other hand, only does what you tell it to do—when it opens up for learning.

For a professionally trained hypnotist, the process is simple, short term, and highly effective. We can help you unlock your subconscious, because we have the keys to the front door.

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