Hypnosis Services

Your journey on the path of self-improvement has brought you to this page.  Just sit back and relax, and know that the information that follows fits comfortably with what you already know.  It is possible to learn a few things about hypnosis by reading here.  You can then let your subconscious mind come forward to learn a new way.  Let your subconscious mind learn to guide you toward your conscious desires.  You are in control; I am your guide, at your service.

That is the essence of how hypnosis works.  After discussing your stated goals and desires, we then agree on the suggestions that you will receive from me.  We will only work on what is agreed upon in advance, as we continue to build trust as partners in your subconscious behavior modification.

The first session will last up to two hours.  We will clarify your needs and desires, and then practice going into trance.  You will learn how to put yourself into hypnosis at will, in order to practice your affirmations on your own time, in your own way.  Each session will be recorded onto CD so that you may use it for hypnosis whenever you have an appropriate amount of time and a safe location where relaxation can occur.  Subsequent sessions last up to one hour.  Why do later sessions take less time than the first session?  Because in each session you go into hypnosis much more quickly and easily than the one before—guaranteed!

Here is a partial list of issues that hypnosis can help to relieve. We are not limited to these services so please let us know if there is something else you are looking for. Please take a look at our Hypnosis FAQ section and then contact us and we will be happy to respond to your questions

Health and Healing

Quit Smoking
Lose Weight
Stress and Anxiety
Fears and Phobias
General Health
Anger Management
Surgical Recovery
Pain Management
Chronic Pain
Anesthesia and Analgesia
Fear of Dentist, Doctor, Surgery
Preparation for Surgery
Post-Surgery Healing

Correcting Unwanted Behaviors

Resistance to Change
Nail Biting
Thumb Sucking
Teeth Grinding
Nervous Tics
Bed Wetting
Panic Attacks
Fear of Flying

Successful Life and Personal Development

Career Success
Reach Goals
Increase Sales
Confidence and Assertiveness
Problem Solving
Creative Ideas
Creative Expression
Writer’s Block
Fear of Failure
Fear of Success
Public Speaking
Sports Performance
Premature Ejaculation
Study Habits
Past Life Regression
Performance Anxiety
Stage Fright
Test Anxiety
Relationship Enhancement
Sexual Problems

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