Are You Resolved? Really?

Welcome to the end-of-year season!  This is the time of year when we all go inward for introspection.  Hopefully, we assess ourselves, decide which changes we will make, and begin fine tuning ourselves and our lives.  Now that we’re here, let’s take a look at the positives and the pitfalls of making New Year’s Resolutions.

First, the pitfalls.  New Year’s Resolutions are laughed at.  They are both the joke and the punch line.  A great many people just don’t believe that lasting change is possible, so they will deride your efforts to make positive changes.

Every year at the gym, right after the New Year, there is increased traffic due to people wanting to get into shape right after the holidays.  We expect this traffic.  You want to know what the joke is?  They will all be gone in about a month.  These folks even have a name: “Resolutioners.”  It is well known that most people will not sustain the changes they plan. Here’s a tip: only tell the people in your life who will be supportive, and who are also interested in making changes for the better!

A resolution means perseverance and determination.  Changes don’t have to be painful, but the effort that you put in is equal to the results you will get.  Don’t get caught up with distractions from your goal!

Here are some ways you can reinforce your decision to change for the better.

Watch your self-talk.  Whatever doubts you have are expressed in the way we talk to ourselves.  All doubt comes from the conscious mind.  The unconscious does not argue; it only does what we tell it to do.  As you are making changes in your life, change the way you talk to yourself.  Talk as if you are a great coach to yourself.  You love yourself and you want to have the best life you can get, right?  Be a positive influence upon your own mind.

Give yourself positive reinforcement.  Now that change is in the air, give yourself the best possible chance by seeking opportunities to practice the principles that you know are right for you.  You will probably be better off making new habits and changing People, Places, and Things.

Encourage yourself to change by changing the little things: routes traveled, daily rituals and routines, and personal habits.  By doing this, new opportunities for lasting change will come into your consciousness.  When this happens, give thanks!  This is your powerful subconscious mind guiding you toward the changes you want!  Give yourself the gift of change, and go for it!