Where Did This Come From? So Glad You Asked!

Where do your ideas and inspiration come from? How do you connect the dots and create your desires? Are you aware that your desires are your creations? They don’t come out of nowhere! Do you recognize that your subconscious desires are at the heart of most of the decisions you make, and that your decisions are intentions? No need to ask why things happen in your Life. They happen because you allow them. All possibilities are occurring at all times. We simply allow some and filter others.

I recently came up with a new idea, one that excites me right down to my toenails. I am immersed in developing it with the intention that it will take me to every corner of the galaxy. I expect the development of this idea to create travel, excitement, adventure, learning, Love, friendship, and career success. This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

This causes me to think about You, my friend. What are you thinking about? What do you want from Life? Where are you going, and what do you intend for yourself? How will you influence yourself to move forward, and what positive impact will that have on everyone around you? How are you going to get it all done?

Of course, I have a few ideas about that. That’s what I do. My entire career is about asking questions, finding some answers, sharing them, learning more, celebrating your many successes (large and small), being curious, asking new questions, and keeping it all going. And why not? Isn’t that way more interesting than just letting Life happen? Aren’t you more alive when you set an intention and then bring it into being?

All of your ideas come from the world around you, as well as from your internal world. Your internal world includes all of your past and current experiences; all of your knowledge and information, plus everything you’ve ever gone through and endured. You have saved, in the back of your mind, everything that your senses have encountered for a lifetime, and you have learned from every bit of it. (Your internal world may or may not also include past lives—the jury is still out on that, although reincarnation makes sense to me and I see what I think is evidence of it all the time, everywhere.)

The world around you is very noisy, and it’s been getting noisier every year since the dawn of intelligent humankind. Your external world consists of all communication outside of the communication you have with yourself: conversations, print media including books, magazines, and newspapers, movies, all internet activity, radio, TV, overheard interactions, all human contact and interactions with animals and Nature, all advertising in your sphere, work and career, and conversations with everyone including the most brief and non-verbal with strangers and everyone else. There’s a lot going on out there, and it all matters. All of it plays upon and influences your internal world.

Put the internal and external together, and there’s your source of new ideas, memories, inspiration, influence, motivation, ambition, impressions, learning, success, curiosity, passion, and personal power. You bring your subconscious mind to bear on everything you witness, even the subliminal messages.

As a professional Hypnotist, I know this to be true. I see my clients transform, and I witness my own transformation as I develop my new ideas.

Picture this… An exceptionally handsome master hypnotist is engaging a large audience with the mysterious subject of Hypnosis. He begins to play one or more musical instruments as he describes the hypnotic effect of music. Using various sounds and musical devices, he continues to deepen the trance using only the power of suggestion and the excitement of playing and listening, including the audience’s incredibly sensual ability for music to act upon the physical body in a most pleasant way. The trance concert continues, along with verbal hypnotic suggestions that awaken passion for living, learning, and loving. The audience becomes more receptive with each compounding suggestion, and everyone in the audience internalizes the wisdom and adopts it as their own, increasing their ability to enjoy Life to an even greater degree. Everyone finds their own brand of pleasure in the experience, and they carry it away with them, influencing the lives of everyone around them for the greater good.

Where did this idea come from? It’s been percolating for at least two years. It tried to come to the surface several times, many times. It finally got here with the help of a couple of conversations with some close friends who love and care about me. My sister, who has loved and nurtured me every year of my Life, finally brought it into being in a material way, and I am forever grateful to her for being who she is and allowing me to receive her magnificent way of being.

As I close this blog for now, I suggest that you listen to those thoughts that have been tugging at you for awhile. They are ideas that can help you. One or more of them might even change the course of your Life for the better. Would that be a good thing? Would it make a positive difference in the lives of everyone around you? Think about that for a moment. Become still and quiet.

And listen.

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