Smokers, Big Tobacco, and the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement

I am a Hypnotist and this is my busy season. The reason I’m so busy is that the holidays are stressful and we are conditioned to thinking about our lives at this time of year.  We have feelings about the year that’s about to end, and hope about the year that’s about to begin. It stands to reason that courageous, creative people are going to move forward to seek support as they go through the New Year’s rituals.

Moving forward is what I do for a living. I take people along and we share inspiration, hope, happiness, contentment, excitement, adventure, pleasant surprises, powerful effects, positive outcomes, and the increasing ability to shape our experiences through thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

One thing that really thrills me is that I help people to quit smoking. This is one of my specialties. A few years ago I put everything aside to learn how to be great at it. I simply decided I would become an expert, and that decision caused me to read everything, review all of the classes I had taken, call a few expert colleagues, view and read all kinds of information on the internet, and put together a program that works with a very high degree of efficacy. Every client who sticks with my program becomes a non-smoker.

How does it work?  It works differently for each client because everyone is different. Each client will pay attention to different aspects of their smoking experience, and every client has resistance. It’s up to me to pay careful attention to their concerns, understand them at a deeply human level and without judgment, then meet them there and appeal to their willingness to improve and develop.

I was a smoker for 17 years. One thing that really got to me and caused me to quit was when my brother-in-law said to me, “You’re too smart to smoke.” I couldn’t deny that, and it suddenly made smoking seem very stupid.

That statement won’t appeal to every smoker. Some hate the stink and the hassle of ashes and embers and ashtrays. Some feel shame that they are influencing their children. Some hate the social aspects, such as having to go outside to smoke. And some people just hate that they are enslaved by dried-up tobacco rolled up in paper.

Some clients say they are not bothered by the money—until I hand them my calculator and have them work out the arithmetic:

$8.00 per pack  X  365 days in a year  =  $2,944.00

What really makes me hate smoking is the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.  That’s what makes smoking so expensive. When you buy a pack of smokes, it isn’t “taxes” that makes them so expensive—it’s the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.  More than  50% of the price goes to that expense.  Less than 5% of the price goes to profit.

Makes you wonder: If the tobacco companies make so little profit per pack, they must be selling one hell of a lot of packs in order to afford the $206 billion to which every smoker is contributing.

The main points to remember about the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement:

  •     Big Tobacco doesn’t know who you are and they don’t care about you
  •     If you get sick as a result of smoking, you can’t sue them
  •     The tobacco companies know that smoking is lethal, and paying $206 billion over the course of 25 years is actually cheaper than the cost of medical care, lawsuits, and insurance payouts related to smoking.

I’m sorry you got chumped so badly by Big Tobacco.  I truly am sorry. You don’t have to take it anymore.  You can stop.  You’re too smart to smoke. Find a great hypnotist who is committed to this work, and get started.  You can do this!  I believe in you.

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