Three Really Cool Things To Know About Quantum Creativity

Get the most from your brain today by pondering these ideas, and then go forth and inspire.  Exercise the parts of your brain that could use a little illumination!

1.       All possibilities are in existence at all times—until you observe them. That’s right, everything is possible at all times unless or until you focus.  Once you settle on one thing and narrow your vision, your possibilities shrink.  It’s like turning at the fork in the road and going along in one direction instead of the other.  The good news is that any of the ‘good’ possibilities can turn out great! Just keep going, keep building. Anytime you open to the infinite, all possibilities occur to you all over again.

2.      The path you picked doesn’t have to be the one you stay on. Remember, all possibilities are in existence at all times.  Although your choice limits your path, new possibilities are created with every new thought, and even more powerfully with each new action.

3. Your subconscious mind remains in contact with limitless possibilities. The greatest thing of all is that you can tap the subconscious by asking the right questions at the right time.  I love hypnosis.  It’s a shortcut that has been known since ancient times.  Here’s how to tap your subconscious today: Formulate your question and craft it as clearly and accurately as you can.  Make sure it’s the right question that is seeking an answer that will be useful. Concentrate on the question.  Now…forget it.  Yes, you read me correctly—forget about it.  Shift your attention to something else.  If you have asked the question clearly and accurately, your subconscious will deliver the answer to you later.  Guaranteed!  (Hey, I didn’t write the warranty on your brain, but I know this much about how it works 🙂 )

Your brain is agile and it loves to work!  The more you test it and challenge it, the more it responds.  You have seen and heard about people who recover from serious brain injuries, and their progress seems fantastic and miraculous—it is! Your brain is fantastic and miraculous, and it’s waiting for some further instruction right now.  Make this a great day!


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