The Opposite of Fear

What a mess. We all agree that Life is moving along faster than ever, there isn’t enough time, and we don’t always use time wisely. We all know that no one lives forever and that time is a non-renewable resource—so why do we live with tension, regret, anger, resentment, grief, sorrow?  Why do we accept the side-effects of insomnia, grumpiness, depression, learning and attention disorders, unpleasant physical conditions?  Most importantly,how do we get back on track and stay there?

Anxiety, stress, nervousness, insecurity are fancy words for one thing: Fear.  It’s true that these words are not exactly interchangeable, but we use them to indicate the same thing: We’re uncomfortable at some level. These things detract from Quality of Life.

As a Hypnotist and Inspirationist, there are questions that drive me forward.  How do we deal with our fears in an effective way that can be permanent?  Why is it that when we are distracted away from our concerns, they don’t matter at all? How will my Life change when I become more relaxed and less tense?

That last question is a good one to ask someone when they are stressed.  When they answer that question they can reveal things about their goals, values, vision—or their lack of clarity in these areas.  This is also a good way for them to begin to assess their situation.

Every child knows how to lie back in the grass and watch the clouds go by, on a beautiful day, without a care in the world.  At some point, we grow older.  Jobs, school, responsibility, family, career,a diagnosis, a knock at the door—any of these things can change your Life’s direction on a dime.  Either suddenly or gradually, we start to tense up somewhere, in mind and body, and we forget what it’s like to watch the clouds drift by.

There are a number of great ways to re-learn or remember or to practice watching the clouds go by. In fact, ACTUALLY LYING DOWN AND WATCHING THE CLOUDS GO BY is an excellent way to relax!  Why don’t we do that?  Maybe because it seems so simple and we think that the complex of anxiety requires a complex solution.  It does not. It only requires some practice.

OK, so let’s say you can’t let go of tension.  There’s only one reason for that: you are attached to it.  Maybe there is some secondary benefit to you being tense. Maybe you’ve been hanging onto it for a long time and it’s an ingrained habit.  Here’s the thing: as long as you hang onto it, you practice being tense, and you become really, really good at it.  An expert.  A real professional!

How to stop doing that? A hypnotist would never suggest, “Stop doing that.”  We know better. Instead, we train you to do something else.

When you become generally more relaxed, you’re still you.  You live in the same home, drive the same car.  You will laugh at the same jokes.  The difference is that when you relax you begin to make better decisions. Your shoulders go back and down and you naturally begin to release physical tension.  You smile more, or at least frown less.  People around you pickup on this, subliminally, and they become easier with you.  Your Life changes for the better, and that changes your Possible Future.  I’ve seen this happen with many clients, and you can see this happen in your Life.  It just takes practice.

If you need help, get help. Hypnosis is my favorite modality because it’s so simple!  All you need is your own Power of Suggestion.  Practice with relaxation,combined with suggestions for relaxation and integration of your best Internal Resources, and you will get really good at that!  Call me if you have a question.

See you on the other side!

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