Smoking is Relaxing

Forget about cancer. Not everyone dies from cancer. Some smokers don’t get cancer at all.

Here’s something most people don’t consider: the immediate effects of smoking. I’m not talking about cancer or the many other things that can happen over time. I’m talking about what happens before you are halfway done with your cigarette.

When you breathe in the smoke–and you always begin the cigarette with a deep breath of smoke–the smoke you are inhaling inundates and overwhelms the lungs. The surface of the lung is moist, so some of the smoke particles stick to the surface. Since the lungs are designed to get oxygen from each breath, that function is partially or mostly disabled for a moment, so you get less oxygen. That’s why you become light-headed–your brain is being deprived of oxygen. Notice that the smoke you breathe out has a different color and quality than the smoke that trails off the end of your cigarette. Now you know why.

Your body temperature goes up, as do your heart rate and blood pressure. You have hypnotized yourself into believing that smoking is “relaxing,” but it is actually very stressful for the physical body. Prove these for yourself with a thermometer, timepiece, BP monitor, and your ability to count. Take the measurements before you light up, write them down, then measure again after smoking half of your cigarette.

Smoke is dust. Tiny particles that are airborne. Those tiny particles scrape your throat. That’s why you cough and become hoarse. The smoke also causes dryness in the mouth and gums, and causes your breath to stink. Try getting close to a child’s face, in an affectionate way, and notice how they recoil from you. I experienced this when I was a smoker, and it made me feel ashamed, which brings us to the next point…

You have a way of denying that smoking stinks, it sucks, it’s stupid, and your body revolts against it every time you light up. There, in the background, is the thought that you are hurting yourself, so you need to cover that right away with make-believe ideas such as

• Cigarettes are my friend
• Smoking is relaxing
• I need to go out and get some fresh air
• I am bonding with other people outside the restaurant/bar/funeral home
• I have been smoking so long, what’s the difference?
• I love to smoke

The truth is still there in the background, though, and it will nag at you, so you have to repeat your cover story very loudly, shouting in order to drown out the background Truth.

If you think your lungs are not begging you to stop, you haven’t been listening. And by the way, your tongue, gums, teeth, lips, nasal passages, sinuses, and your complexion have also been complaining. You ignore them.

Let’s face it: some smokers don’t die from cancer. If you dwell on that fact, you are just an addict who is reaching for another excuse / rationalization / justification to continue smoking.

Just how full of shit are you, exactly?

My recommendation for you is to call me and make an appointment. Not now. Call me when you’re ready and I will help you. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve already blazed that trail for you, along with millions of others who want to be well.

All my Love,

(732) 272-7230.

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