Take a Break From Anxiety. Read This.

Anxiety isn’t all in your mind. It starts with something that happens in the real world, but then it continues in your mind as you turn it over, add to it, see it only one way, and create a story that is worse than the reality. What happened really happened. Anxiety is what you create in your mind around what really happened.

Anxiety has a few different names: stress, nervousness, worry, apprehension, fear, concern, etc. It can manifest as tension, negativity, strain, sadness, pressure, friction, hostility, conflict, disillusionment, depression, panic, and some other very unpleasant realities. Some of my clients are so involved with their circumstances that they don’t realize they are stressed. They might tell me that they can’t sleep or they want to lose weight or stop smoking, but the primary situation to be solved is the stress that is limiting them in such a severe way.

When you’re stressed, you don’t see other possibilities. Here’s an analogy: Right now, as you read this, you can’t see the wall behind you because you’re facing the screen in front of you. The wall is there. You know it’s there; you just can’t see it. If you were to turn 180 degrees, you would see it, but you don’t see it now because it’s behind you. This is what anxiety is like. You are only seeing the stressful circumstances because you are filtering out every other possibility.

This is where your mind comes in. Since your mind created the stress, your mind can un-create it, with the use of imagination. Think of it this way: everything you’ve ever done in your entire Life began with an idea, a thought, a feeling, a sensation, or all of the above occurring at the same time. You had a thought, and then you took an action. With the simplest things, you let go as soon as they were completed. When difficult things happened, you latched onto the stress and kept it with you—in your joints, muscles, ligaments, internal organs, and especially in your thoughts. These thoughts nag you when you try to sleep, and they invade your consciousness when you awaken in the morning.

Here’s the thing: Your thoughts do not affect what already happened, except in the lessons you are learning right now. Your thoughts will affect future outcomes, and your mood, your overall health, relationships, even your longevity. You can train your mind to think new thoughts and to have a new default setting.

As you become less stressed, your attitude and behaviors become more relaxed. People around you pick up on this in some way, subliminally, and they begin to treat you better. Now you smile more easily, and as things get a tiny bit better, you open up to more ease and grace and good possibilities. Now you’re seeing more—not just the screen in front of you or the wall behind you. Now you are open to many more possibilities. Would that be a good thing?

I’m not saying that you are not having real difficulties right now. Some of us are going through some hard, unfortunate circumstances, and there are going to be some very tough choices, and there will be things that we can’t undo or change in any way. What I’m saying is that if you become more flexible, more able to bend and go with the flow, more easily able to BREATHE into the situation, you will become better, more contented, more comfortable, and wiser. When you let go of stress, you use the best of your internal resources. How much better would you be then?

If you already practice self-hypnosis, meditation, yoga, a fitness program and good diet, and relaxation, GOOD! Keep that up! You’re going to need ease and grace for the rest of your wonderful Life. If you want to learn self-hypnosis, contact your favorite Hypnotist of the Year and make an appointment today.

I know all about anxiety, and I can help you change your mind! Lend me the use of your Imagination, and I will teach you self-hypnosis for releasing stress and tension at any time.

How would that feel right now?

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