Old Tapes, a Familiar Hypnotic Refrain…

As a Hypnotist and Inspirationist in full-time practice, I often hear my clients talk about “old tapes” and the power they have over thoughts and feelings and habits.  It is a very familiar metaphor that is instantly understood to mean previous conditioning.  They’re “old” tapes because the behaviors continue even though we wish to replace that conditioning with something else.  “Old tapes” have us under their spell.

Here’s a way to train the conscious mind toward change.  This is what I do with clients all the time, and when combined with Hypnosis, it’s very powerful.  We can continue the metaphor of “old tapes” and begin to make that mean something else.  See if you can follow this reasoning…

Old tapes are old because we don’t use audio tape anymore. Nowadays we use digital audio to capture and play back programs.  Here, in the 21st century, tapes are obsolete.

At one time we thought that program was important, but after using it a million times over the years the tape wore out, and the program is obsolete.  In order to improve things, we can use the modern processes of digitizing and editing and re-mastering in order to update the program into what we want it to be right now.

Digitizing is the process of converting the tape to digital format.

Editing means cutting and revising.

Re-mastering is the art of making it sound better, for use on modern equipment.

Take the “old tape” and convert it to digital, so we can now examine any part of the program instantly.  Now that it is converted, edit and revise by taking out the old stuff.  Take your time with this.  Examine what’s there now and what you want to keep or discard.  Throw away the obsolete parts.  Replace those with your new ideas.  Create new opinions, beliefs, and attitudes and install them into the program.  Now that they are installed, re-master the program to make it sound great.  You can improve the sound by altering the stereo effect to Surround sound, adjusting the equalization (EQ), and even raising all the levels to make the whole thing louder.

All of this is metaphor.  To put it into practical application, spend the day or the next few days observing your own behavior.  Anything that’s automatic is an old tape.  You do things without thinking about them.  Some of them are good and necessary.  The thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that you don’t like are the tapes you will begin to change.  If you need help, get help.  There is no shame in getting help—that’s the smart thing to do!

In order to complete the process, I use self-hypnosis. That’s what I teach my clients, and we practice until it becomes very easy for you to do.  Self-hypnosis begins by removing distractions, so sit or lie still and quietly, and close your eyes.  Create your future way of being in your imagination.  In your mind, create the images, sensations, and emotions that you will have as you are going about your Life in your new way of being.  With practice, you will be able to use this mysterious power at will, with almost no effort.

This art is ancient and was originally practiced and known only to great masters.  Maybe you’ve heard of it.  Some people call it The Secret.  The practice of this art uses an unseen force known as The Law of Attraction.

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