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Happy New Year, my Friends!

I recently conducted my 800th client session, and my busy season is in full-swing. Here are a few things I’ve learned over the last few years, shared with you if you have any interest…

See the world the way your client sees the world.

It’s not what we say; it’s what they hear.

Learn to listen, REALLY LISTEN to every client, and get to the heart of the matter.

Motivation and leverage are what get things done. Make sure you understand the client’s motivations and use them to help them spring forward. Your reasons and motivations for change have nothing to do with your client’s experience. It’s all about empowering the client.

It takes awhile to get good at this. Keep going!

Keep meticulous client records of what you do in each session, and study them.

Track your business. Know how much you are earning and spending, including income taxes. Know the number of clients, sessions, and clinical hours that you are accumulating. Take note of trends.

Manage your client’s expectations. It’s not likely that every client will become 100% successful after one session, but if they can get 20% success and they see the evidence of their success, they will be encouraged to keep going. Small successes lead to greater success.

You need not terminate a client after one or two or three sessions. If they want more support, give it to them. Allow them to be successful.

Clients will have varying degrees of success. There are reasons for this and we know what the reasons are. Sometimes a client will do better at a different time of day, or different time in their lives. Sometimes they are too resistant or fearful of change. Sometimes we need to find the right approach or technique.

Every client has resistance, skepticism, doubt, denial to some degree. As long as their willingness is stronger than their resistance, we’re in business.

It takes awhile to get good at this. Keep going!

Educate your client that they have to take responsibility for themselves. Give them some homework to do for this process to be highly effective. This is why you need LOTS of tools in your toolbox. It’s your responsibility to help them find the tools that are best for them.

Go to classes and conferences, seek out your colleagues and get together with them to discuss ideas and talk shop. Create a study group or symposium. Internet is valuable, but showing up in person and participating with others is more powerful.

Read all of the classic hypnosis texts and try out every tool that you come across. I’m willing to share my reading list with you.

Take advantage of World Hypnotism Day and use it to promote what we do. It’s just silly not to.

Depth of hypnosis is not as significant as Suggestibility and Receptivity.

Train the subconscious AND the conscious mind. The best, most effective suggestions I give are the very first ones: “We are going to have a magnificent session!” Let your face reflect your conviction and passion, give it some energy, and your clients will be influenced by your enthusiasm and confidence.

Learn and master at least five or six inductions: Progressive Relaxation, Ericksonian, Confusion, Rapid, Progressive Neuro-muscular, Arm Raising, etc. Master them so that you can induce hypnosis without reading a script, and be able to combine them and improvise as necessary.

It takes awhile to get good at this. Keep going!

Always include suggestions for well-being.

“Don’t take the credit, don’t take the blame.”

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