Live Through This

With surprising frequency, I get calls from people who ask me if I can hypnotize them to forget a person or a tragic event. These are people who are hurting, heartbroken, or depressed. They call me after the crisis is over, but their lingering feelings are making their daily lives extremely difficult.

My answer is almost always the same: I don’t think it’s possible to use hypnosis to make you forget anything for the long term, and I would not attempt to do so in any case. Your experiences are what shape you, and they help you to form opinions, moral beliefs, and strategies for future survival. Your best bet is to embrace your experience and let it drive you forward into a better life and stronger way of being. You are entitled to every difficulty and hardship, and you deserve to become stronger as a result.

Yes, I know what heartbreak and grief feel like. I’ve had my share. I know all about regret and self-loathing and low self-esteem. I’ve lived through them and come out the other side in a positive way—otherwise, I wouldn’t deserve the right to help any client. My experiences have shaped me and increased my ability to feel compassion, tolerance, patience, and empathy.

I love the old saying that “Life is the hardest teacher: it gives you the test first, then the lesson.” We all need the lessons, and the more lessons we learn, the wiser we become.

Take my advice. Live through this. Whatever you are going through, it will pass. Things could be worse, and a lot of people in this world are worse off. I know, because I hear their stories every day.

Be grateful for your journey—it belongs to you. The strength and other positive attributes that you are building today will become extremely valuable to you tomorrow, and you will be better able to inspire the people around you. You are now becoming stronger for your own good, and for the greater good of your family and community.

And if you need help, get help. Give me a call if you want to talk. I never get tired of talking and listening, and I can hynotize you to ease stress, tension, grief, and depression, and you will feel lighter and more resilient, and your self-confidence will be supported and increased.

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