Life Is Jazz

I don’t get how some people don’t dig jazz, man. I accept that it doesn’t sound good to a lot of people, but like it or not, Jazz is Life. Maybe people don’t like jazz because they don’t understand the rules. And worse, the rules change over time, in an instant, whenever we jazz musicians say so.

Like jazz, the rules of Life seem to change all the time. The rules are hard to understand, they take forever to learn, and it often seems that seeking understanding makes Life so complicated that you lose your easy-going ability to enjoy the many pleasures. I’ve heard casual listeners say that learning more about music theory might prevent their enjoyment of music. Don’t be afraid to learn more! I guarantee that learning the next bits will lead you to more bits and you will never, ever finish learning about Life and Jazz. You will be at your best to cultivate your curiosity and keep asking questions and seeking the answers to all of the new impulses that you are awakening.

Jazz and Life seem so random, but there are patterns there. They might be cacophonous and just plain weird, but there’s a structure that is organizing all of the sounds. If you can’t make sense of the structure, what you hear will sound like noise. If you are inclined to enjoy the challenge of jazz, you will hear the patterns and you will love that you accepted the challenge of jazz and you get it.

Life requires—it absolutely demands—that you figure out the patterns if you want ultimate enjoyment. Go with the surface of Life and you will have lots of pleasure and pain. Go deeper in order discover more about your Life with unbridled curiosity and you will have riches of emotion and experience across the entire universal spectrum.

I won’t ask you to try more jazz—you might have already decided that you don’t like it. I only ask that you consider the beautiful parallels, that Jazz is Life. Jazz is a perfect analogy for Life well-lived.

Just one more little thought, or maybe this is a great big one: Listening to Jazz will cause you to remain silent while becoming present to the many sensations, thoughts, and emotions within you that are generated by the music. Suspend your immediate reaction and get present to your inner responses. Give each piece a chance to say what it says. This is an extremely great practice to use when becoming present to the people, places, and things that confront you every day in your Life. Be present, my Friends. Life is Jazz.

Here’s a thing by Charles Mingus and it’s called Moanin’. Dig it right now:

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