I Love To Pay Taxes!

I’m not joking—I really enjoy it.

I’m not talking about “positive thinking” or affirmations, or anything that lacks complete honesty and authenticity. Let me explain…

About 30 years ago I began to train myself to love paying bills. Someone taught me that if I complain about spending, I will repel money rather than attract money. My observation is that money MUST come and go. Money represents an exchange of energy.

When I pay a bill, I am exchanging something for goods and services I received. Think about it: mortgage and rent payments, car payments, public utilities, grocery bills… these are all things that we choose or can’t live without. You expect to pay for everything you receive, don’t you? Why would you complain?

Of course, we want to earn more income and pay less in taxes, and there are provisions for that—they’re called Deductions. We can legally get a break based on some of the money we spent on certain things—in fact, we are encouraged to do so. As a corporation owner, I am very clear about the laws that dictate how I can spend my income in ways that can lower my tax bill. That’s my responsibility.

Paying my income tax means that I earned money. I am a working member of society, and my work is honest and honorable—and documented. I am doing my part to drive the economy, and I am proud to do that. I pay for the privilege of living in a free society that allows me to do the work I love.

Take my advice. Learn to love paying bills and paying taxes! Choose to exchange energy in your society. Offer something of value and make it excellent, and charge a fair price. Value yourself, your effort, and your result. Be grateful for what you have, and be committed to being an active member of your community.

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