Why Hypnosis Works So Amazingly Well For Relaxation

Relaxation and Hypnosis are not the same thing. In fact, you can be hypnotized without relaxation. I can hypnotize you standing up in a bus station at rush hour, and you will experience and demonstrate some or all of the effects of hypnosis: heightened suggestibility, time distortion, de-sensitization, and other indications.

Why is hypnosis almost always associated with relaxation? Because they work so well together!

We use relaxation to suggest hypnosis, and we use hypnosis to suggest relaxation, and when hypnotists use this “double bind” as an induction, the effect is wonderfully powerful and empowering, calming and comforting, reassuring and, well, deeply relaxing. Often, clients tell me after a session that they have never relaxed as deeply!

Hypnosis is like stripping away the outside world, layer by layer, until you experience your inner mind in a suggestible state, able to create in a limitless way. You become free of your body and physical limitations. Free of discomfort, worry, stress, tension, regret, resentment, disappointment, and all of the many limiting factors of mind that constantly get in the way. When you experience hypnotic relaxation, you become renewed, regenerated, and rejuvenated. It is a powerful way to recharge all of your batteries and re-boot your systems all in one session.

For the client, it is amazing. For the hypnotist, it is an art, a science, and a philosophy. For me, as a trained and experienced hypnotist, it is an exciting way to help clients who are too stressed to succeed, too worried to feel contentment, and too tense to allow unlimited happiness and success.

There are many ways to find relaxation, and you already know many of them. I recommend all of the healthful ways, and I know that Hypnosis works great in combination with any of them.

If you are stressed, tense, worried, wound up, wrapped up tight, can’t sleep, biting your nails, overeating, smoking, losing your temper, stuttering, twitching, can’t concentrate… What are you waiting for? Don’t attempt to get well before you get help. Get help now, and be well consistently.

Relaxation is the way to let go. Just let it all go in one session and learn how easy it is to enter that state all on your own. I will teach you self-hypnosis, and you will become more successful with everything, over time, beginning as soon as you begin.

Try Hypnosis. It works!


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