Hypertension? Hypnosis Works!

It’s true—hypnosis can be used to help correct high blood pressure.

Here’s how hypnosis works:

The brain is in charge of the body, and it runs all the systems. The mind learns many lessons over a lifetime, and the lessons turn into automatic behaviors such as how to walk and how we behave in relationships. The subconscious remembers everything and acts upon the lessons in order to make sure we survive.

Your subconscious wants to maintain the status quo at all times, so it’s also in charge of healing. When you catch cold, your mind begins to make all the systems of your body work together to bring your body back into balance. You can’t achieve wellness unless your mind works on it—but it’s the part of your mind that works in the background, without you having to concentrate on the issue.

Of course, hypnosis is not a panacea for wellness. With regard to medical conditions, it is not and never can be a substitute for expert medical or psychiatric care. No responsible hypnotherapist should work with an ill client without the agreement of the primary care physician. The hypnotist provides adjunct care as part of a team of wellness practitioners.

If there is a medical issue, it’s possible that the mind has forgotten how to relieve that condition over time. Hypnosis is simply a way of changing your mind so that your subconscious mind can re-learn wellness and balance, and learn to work in a different way.

Clinical applications of hypnosis are effective for an astonishing variety of physical problems, and the subconscious mind seems unlimited in its power to heal the body.

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