Upcoming Event @ HWPN On 11/10/09

I’m going to be the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Health & Wellness Professional Network (HWPN), in Red Bank, NJ, on November 10.

Can you guess what I’ll be talking about? Think it has something to do with Hypnosis, Hypnotism, or Hypnotherapy?  Good guess!

I’ll give a description of what hypnosis is, explain the Theory of Mind, and the process of hypnotic induction.

Would you like to learn how to hypnotize yourself, and use affirmations that you can write for yourself?  OK!  I’ll cover that, too.

But wait!  There’s more!

We’ll try the technique together and discuss the outcome.  This part is always surprising because individual experience varies widely.  I will explain why there is variation, and you will be able to identify what your learning style is, and your preferred pattern of suggestibility.

I will describe and we will discuss how to use self-hypnosis to increase your sense of gratitude and wellness within your own little spot in the Universe.

I will supply some affirmations and explain how to use them in conjunction with self hypnosis. I will tell you the best times to use these techniques (hint: within 30 minutes of bedtime!).

If you go, I guarantee I’ll give you 100% of my best effort, and we’ll have some fun, because if it’s not fun, it’s not worth it!

I hope you can make it!

Visit HWPN at their website, hwpn.org for more information about the organization and to locate wellness practitioners in your area.

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