Holistic = Wholistic

When I first heard the term it wasn’t widely-used, as it is today, and it was spelled with a W.


I came to understand it as a total approach to health and well-being. It seems intuitive now, but in the late ‘60s it was revolutionary. Along with the studies of body language and many other sciences and pseudo-sciences, holistic health care began to take hold as people everywhere joined a global community of people who are as concerned with happiness as they are with longevity, because all of the things we think, feel, and do relate to overall health.


Holistic health and well-being is what I preach to all of my Clients and everyone who will listen. Drink lots of water. Eat sensibly and in moderation. You don’t need recreational drugs or alcohol. Meditate and practice self-hypnosis to train mind and body for contentedness. Keep healthy relationships and learn to have intimacy and satisfying sex. Everyone needs sex education, so talk about it with people you trust, especially your family. Laugh and smile often. Surround yourself with beauty as much as you can. Be available, be of service, and say Yes more than you say No. Keep your mind active and steer away from boredom. If there is any situation causing stress and worry, address it directly right now or as soon as possible. Get resolution and completion to the unfinished things. Get enough sleep. Do all of these things because living well is the best path to being well.


Why do I recommend these things to my Clients? Simple: it’s because I’m not a physician or psychologist or psychiatrist. Any other advice would be beyond the scope of my knowledge and professional practice, but look at it this way: this advice helps other professionals work with you. When you do everything you can do for yourself, you become calmer, you make better decisions, and you also become more compliant with the trustworthy professionals who can help you.


Take care, my Friends, and I mean that in every sense.


More soon,

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