The most important opinion about healing belongs to the person who is in need of healing.


The most important information about healing is self-knowledge. You may not be consciously aware, but your inner mind knows all about your wellness and your illness. Look for impulses from your unconscious and learn how to pay attention to them and heed them.


Whatever you think about healing in general, or healing with regard to a specific person with a specific condition, you could be wrong.


The wisest doctor I’ve ever spoken with told me that doctors don’t heal; they do something to make the body heal on its own, faster.


Sometimes the healing that a person receives is not what we hoped or intended, or to a different degree. We have no way of knowing what will be, even though we try our damnedest for a particular outcome.


Healing is mysterious. Wellness and illness are mysterious, too. There are thousands of systems in the brain, body, and body-mind process that we don’t fully understand.


Healing isn’t always a linear experience. Some people can go through it faster or slower, go backward, forward, stall, or quickly become well or quickly transition.


Healing is a complex process with somewhat unpredictable responses to known solutions.


Sometimes sick people get well without intervention, although someone involved will certainly say that their prayers brought about the healing.


Whatever healing is, humans will create beliefs and attributions and philosophies in order to cope with any outcome.


Knowing that my own opinion matters very little, I think there is no such thing as a healer; or if there is, everyone can do it.


I think our thoughts and emotions and behaviors play the biggest role in our wellness, illness, and longevity.


That popular notion that we only use a small percentage of our brain?  It’s inaccurate. The conscious mind uses a small percentage, but the rest of your brain is busy doing things that you’re not consciously aware of. You use every part of your brain. Some parts are used for bringing things back into balance, which is just a fancy term for healing.

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