The Hypnotic Secret of Getting People to Do Just About Anything

I am a professionally-trained Hypnotist.  I know how to get people to do things.  I do it all the time in my office, in groups, and sometimes on a stage.  I can even get to you read this entire blog.


Yes, there is a set of words you can use, along with some non-verbal suggestions, and they work like magic—you won’t believe your results.


I will tell you the exact words in a moment or two, but in order to use them most powerfully, read the entire explanation first.  There’s also a catch: If you want to get something, you have to give something.  That is one of the Great Laws of the Universe.  There is always an exchange of energy.  Give your part of the bargain cleanly—or else the Universe will extract it from you at a later date.  That’s how it works according to The Law.




Here is the information you seek.  The Magic Words are Please and Thank You.  There are many other words and phrases, and with these as a starting point you will easily build your own list.


The non-verbal suggestions are smiling, sympathetic facial expressions, and possibly a gesture of physical contact (depending on the circumstances).  You can think of others.


If you want those words and gestures to work all the time, there’s something else you need to know.  This is it: Be a good person all the time.  Your intentions and personality are ALWAYS communicated subliminally, in all of your expressions, even when you think no one is watching.




I’d better repeat the last part, because you’re more interested in manipulating other people than you are in improving yourself (don’t feel bad; that’s part of our human condition).  The way to become ultimately persuasive is to be a good person all the time.  Who you really are deep down is always evident in your body language, tone of voice, and the things you say.  It’s impossible to mask yourself all the time.  If you are good, people pick up on that.  If you are lying, people pick up on that, too.  We pick up on each other’s signals at a subliminal level, subconsciously.


It seems so simple, doesn’t it?  It IS simple.  If you think it takes a lot of work to do and say things in order to be influential, persuasive, charismatic, powerful, and desired, you are working too hard. Goodness is simple. Kindness is simple. Generosity is simple.


The reason being good works so effectively is that people around you will instantly pick up on your openness and genuineness and authenticity.  They will believe you and also believe in you.


You can’t fake being nice if you’re a jerk.  You might fool some of the people some of the time, but eventually the Universe will extract your end of the bargain and you will have gained nothing.


The Universe insists on an even exchange overall, but if you give a lot and gain a lot, you are living a very rich Life and it’s totally worth it to play this game full-out.


Start practicing now.  Some great examples of goodness include Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi, but you need not become a holy person.  Just do your sincere best to act in someone else’s best interest even when you don’t want to.  Even when there’s nothing in it for you.  Even if no one will know and you won’t be able to brag about it.  Practice often, train yourself to be a good person all the time, and your goodness will become evident in the way you talk, move, conduct yourself, and then in your thinking, feeling, physical sensations and experiences, your writing, and everything about your self-expression.


That catch I mentioned earlier?  Here it is: Being a good person, you will only be asking for what you need, nothing more.  You will not be selfish about getting people to do things.  For example, you will ask for a ride someplace and not for a car.  You will ask for the price of a meal, not the price of a night out.  You will ask for the thing you need—and you will also offer something in return in order to maintain the balance of energy.


That’s the drawback.  You began reading this for selfish reasons, but the way to get what you want is to be generous, righteous, and upstanding for the greater good all the time.


Trust me, I’m a hypnotist.  This is what I advise, and it’s what I teach my clients and audiences everywhere.  It works like magic, and you won’t believe your results.



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