Huge Tip for Staying Positive in the New Year – Read This.

You’re reading this because you want a great way to stay positive. You are interested in improving things and developing new ways of being and feeling happy and contented.  Now is the perfect time to do this.  I’m here to install this new idea directly into your mind, and this is a big one.

You’ve heard of vision boards, right?  A vision board is a poster-sized collection of images that illustrate what you want to be / do / have in your Magnificent Future.  The idea is that you gather the images from any source—magazines, typically—then paste them onto a poster board.  You end up with a mind map of images that will influence you to achieve what is indicated in the images that you yourself have selected.  You look at your vision board several times each day, with intention.  You are free to change the images at any time, re-arrange them, or start over from scratch with a brand new board.  I’ve done this.  It’s highly effective.

What if you don’t have the resources at hand and you would like to begin something inspiring right now? Here you go…

Create a flyer for yourself. That’s right, a flyer.  A flyer is an advertisement and an announcement and an invitation.  It’s eye-catching, attractive, Truthful, irresistible, and created for a specific market. And it’s portable!

Make up a flyer that advertises your Fabulous Future. Promise that your Fabulous Future will happen.  Make it sound so juicy that you can’t resist.  Use all the fonts and colors that you love, and make it so gorgeous you must see it several times each day, every day.  Use the language that is so luscious to your eyes and ears.  You want this flyer to be irresistible to you. Create it the way it will be most appealing to you.  Let it be artistically creative.  You may include pictures.  Be an inspiration and positive influence upon yourself!

Your flyer is not a plan or list of goals. It’s an invitation to your future.  It is a welcoming, enticing promise of the wonderful things to come.  It is an advertisement of what you will have when you bring these things into being through your own positive actions.

Print out your flyer and place it where you can see it. It might be private, or it may be something for all to see.  Look at it morning, noon, and night. Check in with it at mealtimes and bedtime.  Share it or shelter it—whichever is best for you.  Begin now.  Your flyer doesn’t have to be perfect or final.  Expect and accept and choose that the information will change over time, as you achieve and learn and grow.

Develop this idea for yourself. Your flyer might turn in to your next book, CD, movie, anime, poem, short story, blog, love letter, or a completely new art form.  Let that idea soar!

Special Bonus Tip: Write a heart-felt letter to yourself about your Fabulous, Magnificent Future, and stamp it and snail-mail it.  When you get it back, open it up right away and give it your full attention as you read.  It came from someone you love!  Don’t want to use snail mail?  Then set up a phone reminder or schedule an e-mailing via Constant Contact or Mail Chimp!

Let me know how you’re doing.  I would love to hear how this works for you as you proceed to your fabulous future.  Feel free to send a note to me at

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