Excellence and Perfection

Excellence is not the same as perfection—there is a distinction.

Perfection is flawlessness. It is the absence of mistakes or anything that can go wrong. Is perfection attainable? According to many religions, no. According to me, yes—sometimes. It is possible to bowl a perfect game (score: 300) or pitch a perfect ballgame. Of course, I am using examples of human inventions, and it can be argued that humans are not qualified to judge perfection or even set a standard for it. Even so, there are times in your life that someone will judge your performance as flawless, even if those times are extremely rare. For the purpose of my argument in this blog, perfection is rarely possible, if ever.

Excellence, on the other hand, is always possible. Excellence is doing the very best you can, using what you have to work with, on any given day under any circumstances. Excellence varies greatly, depending on many factors that you can’t control. Excellence is brilliance, superiority, and high quality. Excellence is when you bring it.

Sometimes adverse conditions will cause your excellence to be even greater. Having an immediate challenge might cause you to react with an indomitable attitude. If you are working with a limited or low budget, or if you have little time, great! You are now forced to use every ounce of your creativity and go for it! No guts, no glory. Define your situation, ask the right questions, and watch your path unfold as you take courageous action.

Of course, excellence is better and easier with preparation. Preparation might include education, experience, teamwork, benefits of mentoring or coaching, wealth, a big budget, and a long timeline. These things can help, but they are not essential and they do not necessarily cause a sure winner. The best preparation for excellence is the continual and consistent practice of excellence, every day, without compromise, without deviation from your highest standard. Let go of thinking about your limitations, and start thinking about your unlimited creativity.

(There are a few other points that go along with this, and I’ll be writing about them in future articles. We need to be committed without being attached. We need to know that contentment exists separately from happiness, and they are not the same.)

Hypnosis can help with all of this. Find a qualified hypnotist and talk about all the ways that you want to be excellent. Use Hypnosis to train your inner mind toward excellence. Remember, excellence is not perfection. Your results and success might be gradual, or they might be sudden and immediate. Your subconscious mind loves to learn and imagine and play, and hypnosis is a way to re-train in a short amount of time.

Do you desire a great relationship with a special partner? More business success? Better communication with everyone and anyone? Do you want to be persuasive and influential? Here’s how to get all of that: Be excellent in every situation, adhere to your high standards, and be consistent without compromise.

Is Excellence possible without Perfection? You better believe it! Excellence is possible under any condition, any day, using any tools. Excellence happens because you refuse to lower your standard. You are going to cause a miracle because you believe in yourself and you continue to test your limits. You insist that everything you do is tinged with excellence and wrought with extreme attitude. You are going to Bring It every time and you accept nothing less because the people who love you deserve to be inspired by the best you can do. All of your relationships become better and stronger because you practice excellence in every area of your life.

My message to you, today, is that if you practice excellence every day, you will become fit for any challenge, because your mind and your attitude will be calibrated to handle anything that comes along—and believe me, it will come along.

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