Many Parts to a Whole Life (Therapy)








I had a transformative experience in the hypnosis class I taught over the weekend, so of course I have to tell you all about it.  Part of My Mission in Life is to tell everyone about the astounding Power of Hypnosis.


My student is nearing the final phase of the advanced portion of the Hypnotherapy Certification Course, and in order to become certified she must demonstrate that she’s competent to hypnotize and effect transformation in her clients using several different tools and techniques.  We’re covering Parts Therapy for the next two weeks.


Parts Therapy is a way to use hypnosis to train a specific part of the mind, the part of mind that’s responsible for the origin and continuation of certain thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviors.  It’s an astonishingly powerful technique.  I’ve used it hundreds of times and it always provides profound changes for my clients and an endless source of learning for me and my students.  Parts Therapy involves deep trance, regression, inner child work, releasing, and suggestions for future success.  One of the fascinating aspects of teaching hypnosis is that I can explain a technique, demonstrate it for you, supervise you as you practice it with a client, and it will still work on you when it’s your turn to sit in the comfy chair—even though you’re expecting it.


In classes I sometimes sit in the comfy chair to experience my students’ work.  I don’t go into a deep trance in my classroom because I’m in teaching mode and I need to be lucid in order to supervise and be helpful.  Even so, I experience most of the effects and usually all of the benefits of hypnosis whenever I participate in the practicum.  With hypnosis, the benefits are always available to the client, the teacher, the student, and the observer.  The same is true with all energy work.


In this class I submitted to the intake interview and presented the issue that’s been on my mind for several months: Money.  I want to be free of my limiting beliefs regarding money and income.


She took me expertly through the intake conversation and easily identified the issues, associations in my past, and several clues in my body language that inspired her to write my hypnotic script right there on the spot (another skill that must be demonstrated in order to become certified).


With her help, I easily entered a light trance and easily regressed—mentally went back in time—to an incident in early childhood that influenced my lifelong attitudes about money.  In the trance I was six years old and back in the basement of my childhood home in Glendale, NY.  I could smell the room and feel the concrete floor and all of the colors and textures were vivid, including the furniture and even the sounds of traffic in the street.  My brother was there, and my father was nearby.  I was able to re-experience it and at the same time be outside of it and my comprehension and ability to place it in perspective was immediate.  It was amazing.


I’ve been a subject for Parts Therapy training many times, and each time it’s extraordinary.  It’s not enough to say that it’s helpful.  It can do in a few minutes what a lifetime of trying to figure out on your own probably won’t do.  You’re able to see, clearly and truly see what happened, the story you created as a result of what happened, and the difference between the two AND how to reconcile them into something powerful as a way to live from now on.


I got what I was looking for and I swear I feel lighter, less serious about all of it, and I’m celebrating the success that I know I’m going to have—just as my hypnotist suggested.  She allowed me to collaborate on my hypnotic script and my subconscious mind adopted it, as we both expected.  It seems like a magic trick, but it’s science.


My student is extraordinary, too.  She is a Doctor of Toxicology with many years of experience as a professional scientist.  She is methodical and thorough and is able to proceed with objectivity while staying focused on the plan.  I am humbled to be her teacher, and joyful with the knowledge that she is going to be great hypnotherapist.  The feeling of leading another person through this work and have them passionately embrace it is beyond words. It’s indescribable.  It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.


If you’re a Certified Hypnotherapist and you want to learn more about Parts Therapy, I’m going to teach it in a separate workshop in Scottsdale, AZ in of March 2018.  See you there!

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